Eliminate Flies And Protect Your Health

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በዝንብ ተቸግረዋል
Eliminate Flies And Protect Your Health
ለቤት ለስራ ቦታ ዝንብ የሚያማራችሁ ከሆነ አሪፍ መፍትሄ አምጥተናል በ ኤሌክትሪክ የሚሰራ

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Megenagna, Addis Ababa, Ethiopia
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✅ ዘመናዊ መስታዉት የራሱ ተች መብራት እና ቬንትሌተር ያለዉ

➡️ Portable Mirror: Easy to carry anywhere. You can also do makeup while traveling, it’s battery or USB cable operated
➡️Convenient: You can turn on/off the LED light & fan
➡️Clarity Mirror: Bonus detachable suction cup mirror (5x magnification). The 5X magnifying mirror with light is convenient for applying makeup with high accuracy. It allows your makeup to be more delicate
➡️Mirror Size: The diameter of the mirror is 20 cm

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ሰባት መቀያየርያ ያለው

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Ring Fill Light TikTok Stand

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✔️ 2ሜትር ከ 10 cm የሚረዝም Adjustable Tripod ( ማቆሚያ) ያለው
✔️ 3 አይነት የተለያዩ የ ላይት ከለር ምርጫዎች ያሉት
✔️ ባትሪ አያስፈልገውም ፣ እንደ ላፕቶፕ ፣ ዴስክቶፕ ፣ ፖወር ባንክ እና የመሳሰሉትን በመጠቀም ይሰራል
✔️ የራሱ የሆነ መቆጣጠሪያ ሪማት ኮንትሮል ያለው

💦ቪዲዮዎችን ሲቀርፁ እጆችዎን ከስልክዎ ነፃ ያድርጉ !!

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Derma Roller System 0.5mm 1.0mm 1.5Mm With 540 Micro Needles

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🎯 Derma Roller System 0.5mm 1.0mm 1.5Mm With 540 Micro Needles
ለፀጉሮ እና ለፂሞ ዕድገት
✅የፊት ቆዳ ጤንነት ለመጠበቅ
✅የተጎዳ የፊት ገፅታን ውብ ለማረድግ ጠቃሚ
✅ፊት ላይ የወጣን የቆዳ በሽታ
እንዲሁም ጠባሳን ለማስወገድ ተመራጭ
✅ እርጅናን ይቀንሳል
✅የፀጉር መሳሳትን መመለጥን የሚከላከል

It has gained popularity in recent years as an accessible, effective, and relatively non-invasive skin treatment.

Br 600.00

❇️ Mini Sewing Machine (YFSM-306)

Sold By : qnash.com

❇️ Mini Sewing Machine (YFSM-306)

🎈የራሱ ጠረንጼዛ/Table ያለው መሆኑ ተመራጭ ያደርገዋል‼️
👉Latest New Design Model
👉አነስተኛ ለቤት ውስጥ አገልግሎት የሚውል የልብስ ስፌት ማሽን
👉በኤሌትሪክ ኃይል የሚሰራ

🚩Double Thread
🚩Double Speed
🚩Simple Sewing Functions
🚩Lighting Lamp
🚩Thread Cutter
🚩 Self-winding
🚩Stainless Steel Hook-tip
🚩Sewing 8 layers of denim

🔻1x Mini Sewing Machine
🔺1x Foot Switch
🔻1x Threading Equipment
🔺2x Bobbin Spool
🔻2x Core without Thread
🔺1x Power Supply
🔻1x Machine Needle
🔺1x User Manual

Original price was: Br 2,400.00.Current price is: Br 2,100.00. 13% Off

Ultrasound Atomization Humidifier

Sold By : qnash.com

Ultrasound Atomization Humidifier
ለቤቶ ,ለሱቆ, ለመኪናዎ ለቢሮ መዓዛ
➡️ Capacity – 250 Ml
➡️ Ultra Fine Mist
➡️ Large Amount Out of Fog
➡️ Colorful Gradient Light

Br 800.00
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