Dessini Regina 3 sets Crepe maker ፖን ኬክ፣ ፈጢራ ፣ጨጨብሳ እና ለሻዋርማ መስሪያ

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🥞 Dessini Regina 3 sets Crepe maker
💯High quality
🥞ለ ፖን ኬክ፣ ለፈጢራ ፣ለጨጨብሳ እና ለሻዋርማ

🔰 Brand: Dessini
⚡️Material of Plate: Stainless Steel
⚡️Voltage: 220V
⚡️Power: 600W
⚡️Multifunctional as a griddle
⚡️Automatic temperature control
⚡️Function: Shallow Oil Fry, Bake, Energy Saver, Non-Stick Coating
⚡️Size of the pancake maker: the diameter of the pans is 20cm and of the plate is 22cm



•1 x Pancake maker

•1 x White plate

•1 x User manual

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እንዲሁም ጠባሳን ለማስወገድ ተመራጭ
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It has gained popularity in recent years as an accessible, effective, and relatively non-invasive skin treatment.

Br 600.00
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